Tart Collection

Tart Collection


Try our delicious tart collection

Honey and Cheese - Our signature lava cheese tart sweetened with honey for a perfect blend of honey and cheese.

Miso Butter - A DaanGo Cake Lab original inspired by the signature Canadian butter tart. Each tart features a blend of Vanilla, Brown butter and Miso to create a unforgettable sweet experience

Citron - A rich blend of Yuzu, Lemon, Lime and Orange juice to create the perfect citrus curd. We then combine it with white chocolate and butter to create a mellow but tart creation. Perfect for anyone who loves sour citrus flavours.

Pistachio Rasberry - Our newest addition to the Tart family. A delightful combination of tart and sweet rasberry with nutty rich pistachio, finished off with fresh rasberries and crushed pistachio. 

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